Dr Javier Martinez Jimenez

Subject Archaeology and Anthropology
Fellow type Postdoctoral By-Fellows
Year started 2017


Javier is currently the PDRA for the Archaeology of the Western Mediterranean in the ERC-funded "Impact of the Ancient City" Project, led by Prof Andrew Wallace-Hadrill at the Faculty of Classics. His research focuses on the evolution of the urban layout and its monumentality from the late Roman period onwards, paying particular attention to its transformations in the post-Roman and early Islamic phases of Southern Gaul, Spain and North Africa.

He first obtained his DPhil from Oxford with a thesis on aqueducts and urbanism in post-Roman Spain and Portugal (2014). As part of his field work, Javier has directed excavations of late antique and early medieval sites in Mérida (Spain), field surveys at the Visigothic site of Reccopolis, and is currently involved with the excavations in Gerasa (Jordan).