Dr Patrick McKearney

Subject Social Anthropology
Fellow type Postdoctoral By-Fellows
Year started 2018
Email address pm419@cam.ac.uk


Patrick McKearney is a Research Associate in social anthropology. He teaches and publishes on the subjects of ethics, care, religion, disability, welfare, and personhood and, more specifically, conducts ethnographic fieldwork on the care that people with mental disabilities receive in different social settings. His doctoral research examined the ways that the dependence of people with cognitive impairments is dealt with in the context of the British welfare state, by examining the ethical complexities of their caring relationships in a distinctively communal care home run by a religious charity called L’Arche. His current research focuses on the lives of people with similar intellectual disabilities in the Indian state of Kerala, where families, NGOs, and the government are devising new forms of care, education, and employment to respond to the challenges that these individuals and those who support them face in a situation of economic change and development.