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Dr Paul Russell

Subject Mathematics
Fellow type Lecturers, Professors and College Officers
Year started 2008
Position Undergraduate Admissions Tutor
Department Admissions


Paul Russell has a PhD in Pure Mathematics from the University of Cambridge, and before coming to Churchill spent two years as a College Teaching Officer at Emmanuel College. His research to date has mostly been in Ramsey Theory, a branch of mathematics sometimes summed up by the slogan 'complete disorder is impossible': a typical result in the area will show that if one starts with some 'ordered' mathematical structure and attempts to introduce 'disorder' to the structure then, no matter how one does this, it is always possible to find highly concentrated pockets of order. He is currently interested in related Euclidean problems, regarding which geometric structures one can always find within a single part when a high-dimensional space is finitely partitioned.

College positions


Director of Studies — Undergraduate Pure Mathematics


Admissions Tutor – Mathematics, Engineering, Chemical Engineering & Computer Science


College Lecturer