Dr Sebastian Bianchi

Subject Modern and Medieval Languages
Fellow type By-Fellows
Year started 2006


I come from Argentina and am a Teaching By-Fellow in Spanish at Churchill and Tutor/Coordinator of Spanish at the University Language Centre and Language Unit (CUED). I have done literary research and now teach Spanish for specialists and non-specialists at all levels — especially advanced and advanced plus — at the University of Cambridge. I have created interactive materials (BBC & Cambridge University), published articles and I continue to give talks and to write textbooks about the Spanish language, Hispanic culture and literature, with a special focus on advanced levels.

My main interest is the representation of the varied cultures and the use of language in post-colonial Hispanic and British literature. I supervise Churchill Hispanists for their Speaking and Use of Spanish, Translation into Spanish, Audio-Visual, Translation Projects and Text and Culture papers.

College positions


Tutor - Spanish