Professor Shigenori Wakabayashi

Subject Linguistics
Fellow type Visiting Academics
Year started 2018


After obtaining his first degree in English Language and Literature at Waseda University, Tokyo in 1984, Professor Wakabayashi taught English at a high school for eight years. He then started his graduate studies at Essex University where he obtained an MA in Applied Linguistics in 1993. He moved to Cambridge and obtained his M.Phil. in English and Applied Linguistics in 1994 and PhD in 1997. He returned to Japan and taught formal linguistics, applied linguistics and psycholinguistics at Gunma Prefectural Women’s University until 2005, when he moved to his current post at Chuo University, Tokyo, where he continues to teach in those same areas. His academic interests lie in generative and psycholinguistic approaches to second language acquisition, especially modelling adult non-native speakers’ morpho-syntactic knowledge and its use based on empirical data within the framework of Generative Grammar.