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Dr Shyeh Tjing Loi

Subject Astrophysics
Fellow type Junior Research Fellows
Year started 2018


Cleo (Shyeh Tjing) Loi is a researcher in astrophysical fluid dynamics at DAMTP, Cambridge. She is currently at Corpus Christi College completing a PhD under supervision of Professor John Papaloizou in the area of magnetic fields and stellar oscillations. Cleo's research aims to uncover and understand the physical processes occurring deep inside stellar interiors, some of which produce observable signatures in the emitted light. This technique of studying the internal properties of stars underpins the fascinating field of asteroseismology, which has been rapidly expanding over the last decade.

Prior to her PhD studies, Cleo had previously published in several other fields, including solar physics, radio astronomy and brain dynamics, as part of research carried out during her undergraduate years at Sydney University, Australia. She graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Advanced Science (Hons I), majoring in Physics and Mathematics. Notable collaborations include working with Associate Professor Tara Murphy and Professor Iver Cairns on the discovery of "plasma tubes" using the Murchison Widefield Array radio telescope, conducted as part of her Masters-level research in 2014.

Outside of research, Cleo is an active répétiteur, violinist, violist and recorder player in Cambridge's musical scene, performing regularly in a diverse range of settings including chamber, symphonic, folk and musical theatre.