Dr Tom Hurst

Subject History
Fellow type By-Fellows
Year started 2018


Tom Hurst is an Archives By-Fellow and recipient of the John Antcliffe Memorial Fund Grant (2018). He is currently completing his PhD at King’s College, London. Tom’s research is concerned with Margaret Thatcher’s prime ministerial speechmaking, 1979–1990.

Tom’s post-doctoral research will consider the political career of John Hoskyns, 1974-79. This will include his contribution both to the creation of Stepping Stones, and to the wider Conservative Party policy-agenda. The work will assess the role Hoskyns played in the Conservative Party’s 1979 general election victory, especially the relationship between policy and strategy, and the shaping of Conservative Party policy during the period 1979-1982. The manner in which Hoskyns was able to exercise influence, including through formal policy groups, interaction with his contemporaries and through the utilisation of Party and non-Party organisations, will also be considered, including how Hoskyns’ influence developed over time.

Tom works full-time as Head of History at a school in North London.