Booking College Rooms & Grounds

JCR & MCR meetings, supervisions & recurring society bookings

For room booking requests please check room availability then contact the Conference Office using the form linked to the left.

All other booking requests

All requests, other than JCR & MCR committee meetings, supervisions and recurring Churchill society meetings, must follow the steps below. Bookings need to be submitted at least 1 week prior to the event taking place.


Step 1: Before booking a room please check which rooms/areas  are available

Check Room Availability


Step 2: Read the booking appendices (a requirement of all booking requests)

Read appendices

Step 3: Complete the Deans form.

This form will be submitted to the Dean for approval, Once approved, the Conference Office will contact you.

Dean’s form


Step 4: Send Deposit

After approval send the deposit cheque and contract (if required) to the Conference Office)



Step 5: Await confirmation email

The Conference Office will confirm the booking once all paperwork and deposits have been received.

Conference Office