Appendices and Deposits


Please read the relevant appendices for your event and ensure that you read and retain this information for your records.

If you are unsure which appendices are applicable please seek advice from the Conference Office.

Email the Conference Office

Refundable and non refundable deposits

Churchill Students

  • Refundable cheque deposit of £100 to be held against damage and returned once it has been confirmed that no damage has occurred.
  • Official JCR/MCR events are not required to be supported by a deposit cheque, however damages will be charged as appropriate.
  • Private bookings require a non refundable cheque for £40.
  • No deposit is required when booking a Churchill Society/JCR, MCR Committee Meeting.
  • BBQs: £15 (charcoal not supplied).

University Students

  • Garden Parties under 90 guests will be charged at £100 and over will be charged at £200
  • BBQ’s — £15 (charcoal not supplied)

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