Telephone Campaign 2023

Hiring student callers for 11-28 September 2023

Apply now for the opportunity to return to Cambridge early, earn money before the start of Michaelmas term and build valuable communication skills that will enhance your CV.

We are hiring a team of 13 students to join the 2023 calling team this September and would very much like you to apply. More information can be found by following the links to the left, but if you still have questions please do get in touch with the Development Office.

Make an online application today to earn £11/hour as one of this year’s student callers.

Applications are still being accepted.

We are looking for undergraduate and postgraduate students to speak with Churchill alumni over the telephone this September. You will be finding out what our alumni have gone on to do after leaving Churchill, sharing updates about the College today, and seeking donations for key College priorities like the Student Support Fund.

The annual telephone campaign is an incredibly important part of our fundraising programme each year. By being part of the calling team you will be helping to safeguard the Churchill experience for current and future students.

Why apply?

As well as learning about alumni relations and fundraising, you will develop negotiation skills, increase your confidence and improve your telephone manner. It is an excellent job to put on your CV and the Development Office is happy to provide a reference for any student who completes the training and calling successfully. We do our best to match callers with alumni by their careers, subjects and interests, so it can be a great opportunity to forge useful contacts!

This is a casual position for the duration of the campaign only (11th – 28th September 2023). Find out more by following the links above.

Applications are still being accepted.

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