Calling Campaign FAQs

Caller Benefits

*£126 per week covers the rental cost of a standard student College room during this period. On-site accommodation in a standard student room will be available for student callers for the duration of the campaign, if requested.

Do I need previous experience?

Previous experience is not necessary since you will receive excellent training in negotiation and communication.

What is the campaign raising money for?

The 2021 campaign is aiming to increase funds for the following key priorities as part of the 'Think Forward' campaign:

Why does the College run Call Campaigns?

To raise money for targeted needs such as student support or new building facilities. Over £200,000 was raised in the last campaign over Sept/Oct 2020, rising to well over £400,000 when longer pledges are taken into account. 

What makes a good caller?

Someone who…

Why apply?

What skills will you gain?

When & where will you be working?

Campaign dates: Tuesday 29 June - Sunday 18 July 2021 (see timings below)                Campaign location: Churchill College, Cambridge*  

Training days:


In addition, you may be asked to work shifts at other times to accommodate any social distancing requirements and/or to contact alumni in different time zones.

The accommodation benefit will be payable from Monday 28 June.
*The campaign will be run from a call room in College where student callers will receive their training and carry out calling shifts. The 2020 campaign also ran in College with Covid secure social distancing measures in place. Please note, we have every intention of running the 2021 campaign from College again as it works well for callers to work alongside each other in one call room, but if covid regulations require a change of plan, all student callers recruited for the summer campaign will be given the option to participate in a remote or re-scheduled campaign, depending on the option taken forward by the College.

Student caller endorsements

The Calling Campaign was an unforgettable experience. I loved talking to alumni and connecting with them. It was wonderful to listen to their stories and hear about where life took them after they graduated. I am still in touch with some of the alumni I spoke to today. I was so touched by the generosity of the alumni and the affinity they have with the College. I am already looking forward to my call in a few years time!
Hannah Saint (U19 MML) 2020 Campaign

I was able to see how diverse one's career trajectory can be, irrespective of the degree chosen. It was so nice to hear that even if time had moved on, the experiences themselves were just as enjoyable and memorable from the past to now. Also, knowing that by doing this, I'm not only helping current but also future students have access to the opportunities that Churchill College offers, made this calling campaign so fulfilling.
Katherine Allen (U19 Geography) 2020 Campaign

What I enjoyed most about the calling campaign was the people I worked with last September. It was clear that everyone there had immensely enjoyed their time at Churchill, and it fostered a wonderful atmosphere to work in and made the shifts very short. 
Chris Hughes (G19 Mathematics) 2020 Campaign

The call campaign was a wonderful chance to speak to alumni about their experiences of Churchill. Speaking to alumni who attended College when it was first founded gave an especially interesting perspective into the College’s past. It was great to hear how so many former students still love coming back to Churchill and stay in touch with friends from their time here! The atmosphere within the call room was really friendly and supportive, which was very motivational. It was also really fun to get to know fellow students I hadn’t met before throughout the campaign!
Deborah Cartmill (U18 English) 2020 Campaign

The telethon provided a great opportunity for me to connect with the College’s wealth of alumni. They were enthusiastic to chat about their experience at Churchill, and it was very interesting to hear about how the College has changed and grown over the years. The advice they had for me, as a final year student, was also invaluable.
Sarah Dawoodbhoy (U18 Law) 2020 Campaign

It was fabulous to feel a part of the campaign group - I felt we were extremely well cared-for and enjoyed the atmosphere in the calling room. I feel immensely lucky to have had the conversations I had with College alumni, with some particularly memorable characters making a massive impression.
Biliana Tchavdarova Todorova (U19 NatSci)

The things I enjoyed most about working on the campaign were the team atmosphere in the call room and getting to hear about what people in a similar position to me have gone on to do after graduating from Churchill. I would encourage anyone to apply for this job! Jack Walker (U19 Philosphy)

I had some fantastic conversations with alumni and learnt alot from them about the decisions they made after leaving the College. I received some wise career advice, which will stay with me as I begin applying for my first full-time position. Some of the conversations were so natural you could imagine talking to alumni over coffee. I really enjoyed finding out more about what it was like to study at Churchill specifically in the early days and experiences of alumni at College.
Cherish Watton (G17 History) 

During my degree, I have benefited greatly from Churchill's amazing support. Being a part of the Churchill Call Campaign, I was able to help give back to the College and connect with the amazing alumni. I really enjoyed learning about the crazy paths people took after leaving Churchill and getting inspiration about what I want to do after I graduate. There are so many options out there that I would have never considered prior to chatting to the alumni. 
Jacqueline Siu (G16 Medicine)

I really enjoyed the relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the room, as it was such a nice, energetic team of people. I also enjoyed actually getting the donations, which felt really rewarding.
Eve French (U16 Classics)

It was a great way to get in touch with our alumni! I got to hear their stories and we had some great chats about life and career aspirations. To me, it was a great experience and I’d definitely do it again – if I was still at Churchill!
KK Teh (U13 NatSci) 

I would highly recommend applying. It was really interesting talking to former students and finding out about the history of the College, and the perks of the job were great - free meals, occasional gifts and a generous salary.
Zofia Gibbins (U13 Medicine) 

Being a part of the calling campaign forced me to step out of my comfort zone and develop my communication skills. Additionally, it gave me access to a lot of good advice about what to do in my future career from people in relevant fields. It was also quite fun and I had a great time with the other callers!
Dimitris Kousoulidis (U13 Engineering) 

I applied to work on the Calling Campaign because it was a good short-term job that fitted in well with my studies, but I ended up coming out of the Campaign with more than a lining in my wallet. Talking to person after person on the phone was a great way of getting over my typical millennial fear of calling people, something that's essential to do sooner or later. Also, the responsibility of asking people to part with their money (which you're guided through expertly!) really forces you to sell Churchill, yourself, and your fellow students; so even if at the time it seems like you're just blagging it, you end up learning a conversational style that's polite while still being confident. So it's a rewarding experience in all sorts of ways.
Amy Johnstone (U13 Engineering) 

It was far more rewarding both in terms of both giving back to the College and skills learnt than I expected!
Nicholas Taylor (U14 Land Economy) 

When I applied for the Call Campaign there were multiple factors that persuaded me: First, I wanted to contribute in raising funds for the next cohorts of Churchill students. Second, I wanted to have a fundraising experience as well as the communication skills that come with it while also putting my own skills to work. Third, considering that this was going to happen in the second and third week of December 2016, it was a perfect time to participate while also working on my research papers and Thesis. The College support was enormous - the free meals, accommodation, and the brief words of encouragement by the members of staff at the start of each Call day. I was particularly inspired having the Master and other members of staff come speak to us intermittently before the start of each Call day - and I'm sure each member of the Call team had similar experience and may had also contributed in boosting morale. The Buffalo team were amazing and also contributed to the success following the structure of Campaign, the games, and the overall support. Finally, I also learned a lot: The experience and the invaluable piece of career advice which I did receive from the Alumni.
ThankGod Ebernezer (G13 Biochemistry) 

The Churchill Call Campaign was an absolutely amazing opportunity to hear personal stories from alumni first hand. On top of that, I was able to polish my communication skills in English over the phone. The organizing team made this experience a lot of fun motivating us with games and small rewards.
Barbora Janulikova (G12 Arch&Anth)

A unique opportunity to talk with past students and find out what was different about college in their day. Plus you get to work in a fun and lively team for a great couple of weeks!
Robert Smyth (U14 Medicine)

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