Julie Kilcoyne

Enterprise Competition judge

Julie Kilcoyne graduated from Churchill in 1993. Since then, she has worked in education and in educational technology – and as an Educational Technology investor and adviser.

After starting her career as a teacher, Julie co-founded her first business Educational Technology business in 2000. Over the following 16 years she grew the company to be a leading UK and US based Educational Technology business with products in schools across the world and offices in the UK and New York. Julie sold the business in 2016 and have since co-founded another EdTech business, made EdTech investments, and latterly worked as a joint-CEO and co-Chair of Trustees with the charity, The Karta Initiative, on shaping the Karta Connect digital offering.

She brings a rich and global experience particularly around developing products, scaling them and balancing multiple activity streams within tight resource constraints, as well as international operations.

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