The Churchill College Enterprise Competition Terms & Conditions

In line with the College’s founding mission, the Churchill College Enterprise Competition exists in order to promote and encourage entrepreneurship and mentoring. It is open to all areas of endeavour, be it social, business, scientific or technological. It is run by Churchill College for the benefit of Churchillians.Aim of the Pitching Competition

The aim is to encourage Churchillians to develop their pitching skills. The ability to pitch an idea, be it for a new venture, a project or anything else, is a key transferable skill that is useful thorughout your career. This competition is a chance for Churchillians to prepare and practice their pitching skills in front of a friendly and supportive community, to receive feedback, and to have the chance to win small monetary prizes.

What can you pitch?

It can be anything from a new business concept, an invention, a project you are working on, your research, an idea to change the world .. almost anything. But it’s probably best if it is something that you are - or want to be - involved in. That way, your pitch is likely to come across as more compelling and engaging to our friendly judging panel.


  1. Entrants must complete the on-line application form by Monday 22 January 2018
  2. Successful applicants will be provided with further information by Wednesday 24 January 2018
  3. Successful applicants will be required to make a pitch of no more than 5 minutes on the evening of the 29 January
  4. Any visual aids must be provided to the organisers no later than 4pm on Monday 29 January
  5. All those who pitch will receive brief written feedback on their pitch by email following the event


The Pitching Competition will award a number of prizes of £100 for pitches delivered at the event at Churchill College on the 29 January 2018.


Judging will be undertaken by the Churhcill College Enterprise Board comprised of alumni and Fellows. Criteria used will include:

  1. Clarity of structure
  2. Clarity of delivery
  3. Timing

The judges reserve the right to award prizes based upon other criteria.


The competition is open to Churchill College's current students, Junior Research Fellows, and Churchill alumni.


The Board's decision will be final. No correspondence will be entered into regarding their decisions.

Non-disclosure statement

This pitching competition is a public event. As such, you should not disclose any commercially senstive information, or any other information that you would not wish to be made publicly available. If you register to pitch at this event, it is understood that you are aware that it is a public event, open to all student, alumni and guests of Churchill College, and any material you present could be made openly accessible to all attendees, participatns, judges and anyone eelse invovled in the event.


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