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Basketball club


Basketball is probably the greatest sport ever. Seriously. I mean, the person that came up with the idea of throwing a ball in a hoop AND also being allowed to move around with the ball deserves a medal (no hate, netball, we’re just keeping it real).

Now, I can’t guarantee you’ll be flying through the sky like Michael Jordan, draining threes like Ray Allen, slam dunkin’ like Shaq, or that your hairline will recede as impressively as Lebron James. But it’ll be fun to give it a shot, right!?

Our Churchill basketball team may not be winning any competitions, but if happiness is any measure of success, we’re the most successful team in Cambridge… unfortunately, happiness doesn’t come with bragging rights, so join us and help us win! We’ve even got a court outside to practice on!


If you're interested join our Facebook Group where we organize practices and matches.

Captain: Matthew Han

Facebook group