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CCRFC Constitution

CC/61/07: Churchill College Combined Common Rooms' Finance Committee Constitution.

Approved by the CCRFC on 27 January 2007.


The Committee shall be known as the Churchill College Combined Common Rooms' Finance Committee (CCRFC).


The object of the CCRFC is to allocate funds to the MCR, JCR and Amalgamated Clubs and make other distributions in accordance with the interests of Junior Members and the Statement of Guidelines.


  1. The CCRFC shall be composed of six members of the JCR, three members of the MCR and three members of the SCR elected as set out in section 4.
  2. Membership of the CCRFC shall be for one year and each member shall be eligible for re-election save that where a member is elected an Officer, membership shall continue until the member ceases to be an Officer or until the end of the year commencing with election to the CCRFC, whichever is the longer.

The CCRFC shall elect Officers as set out in section 5 below.


  1. The Six Members of the JCR chosen in accordance with the Constitution and Standing Orders if the JCR.
  2. The Three Members of the MCR.
  3. The Three Members of the SCR


  1. The Chairperson
    1. The College Council shall appoint one of the SCR representatives as chairperson. In his or her absence the meeting may appoint a chairperson for that meeting.
    2. The Chairperson shall have a casting vote in the ease of equality of votes but otherwise shall be a non-voting member of the CCRFC.
  2. The Senior Treasurer
    1. The Bursar shall be the Senior Treasurer and shall report annually to the College Council on recommendations for the budget for the CCRFC and the CCRFC accounts.
  3. The Secretary
    1. The Secretary shall be elected by the CCRFC committee from the JCR and MCR representatives and shall hold office for one year with effect from the first day of Easter Full Term, and shall be eligible for re-election.
    2. The Secretary shall arrange meetings of the CCRFC, prepare agenda and keep the minutes of the meetings.
  4. The Junior Treasurer
    1. The Junior Treasurer shall be elected by the CCRFC Committee from the JCR and MCR representatives and shall hold office for one year with effect from the first day of Easter Full Term and shall be eligible for re-election.
    2. The Junior Treasurer shall authorise payment of allocations to clubs and societies at the start of the Michaelmas and Lent terms, on application from the club or society treasurer and after inspecting the club accounts to date.

Conduct of Business

  1. There shall be at least one CCRFC meeting each term, within twenty-one days of the beginning of Full Term.
  2. Voting:
    1. On all proposals there shall be a vote by a show of hands and decision shall be by simple majority of members voting.
    2. In the case of equality of votes the Chairperson shall have the casting vote.
  3. Allocations shall only be made in accordance with the Statement of Guidelines and without prejudice to the above, annual allocations shall only be made after:
    1. Clubs/Societies have submitted records of accounts for the past year and written estimates for the following year and
    2. a meeting of the CCRFC has been held at which Club/Society representatives may attend to explain their request ("Captain's Meeting").
    3. Club/Societies eligible for allocations of money from the CCRFC have satisfied the regulations for club/societies set out in section 8 below and in the Statement of Guidelines.
  4. Lists of annual allocations as provisionally and as finally determined by the CCRFC shall be published to College members.
  5. The CCRFC shall conduct its business in accordance with the Statement of Guidelines. The CCRFC may amend the Statement of Guidelines by a simple majority vote.
  6. Quoracy:
    1. The CCRFC shall be quorate only in the presence of the permanent Chairperson or the Senior Treasurer; and five voting members, including at least one representative of each common room.
    2. Where the CCRFC is inquorate, it shall be deemed not to have met.
  7. Expenses incurred by the Junior Treasurer and the Secretary and approved by the CCRFC shall be charged to the CCRFC account.


  1. The accounts of the CCRFC shall be presented to the CCRFC at the first meeting of the Michaelmas Term and audited within the College accounts every year in the Michaelmas Term.
  2. Allocations made by the CCRFC may only be claimed in the academic year to which they relate, unless special permission has been granted by the College Council.
  3. The CCRFC transactions must go through the College's bank account.

Regulations for Clubs/Societies

  1. Clubs and Societies (other than the JCR and MCR) shall be open to all members of College.
  2. The Club/Society shall have elected officers:
    1. with full knowledge of the finances of the Club/Society, and any property in its possession; and
    2. responsible to the CCRFC for care of the finances and the property.
  3. Any Club or Society in receipt of CCRFC funds must have a Senior Treasurer, who is a Senior member of the College. The Club/Society shall not maintain any funds outside the CCRFC accounts without specific permission from the CCRFC Senior Treasurer and if such funds are maintained, the Club/Society must have a club Senior Treasurer who shall be a Senior Member of the College.
  4. All clubs/societies in receipt of funds from the CCRFC must prepare annual accounts for the year July-June, in a format approved by the CCRFC Senior Treasurer and have them audited by their club Senior Treasurer, before submitting a request for an allocation for subsequent years.
  5. The Club/Society shall not charge a membership fee without specific permission from the CCRFC.
  6. No officer or member of the Club/Society may commit either the Club/Society or the CCRFC to any expenditure not approved by the CCRFC, nor to any expenditure in excess of that approved, and any person in breach of this regulation shall be liable personally for the expenditure incurred.

Change in Constitution

Any proposal to alter the CCRFC Constitution shall be made by the College Council, after consultation with the CCRFC members, JCR and MCR committees.