College gym

Churchill College Gym is well equipped with a multi-gym and a range of free weights and aerobic equipment - including a treadmill and two cross-trainers. The gym is great for building strength, burning fat, improving general fitness, or for specific sports conditioning.

The gym is open to all members of Churchill College who have received a basic induction training. For an up-to-date list of students authorised to carry out training, please look on the Pavilion door or corridor noticeboard or contact the Gym President.

Gym Society President

For gym users or those interested in the access to gym sessions, please like the new gym page for updates and details of the access events.

Churchill Gym Facebook page


Please note: The rowing machines are the property of the Boat Club and may only be used by authorised Boat Club members. Any equipment defects should be reported immediately to the Møller Centre reception desk.