Every book taken out of the Library must be registered as a loan. The Library operates a self-service automated loans system for which you will need your University card. Loan stations are situated in the foyers of the Bracken Reading Room and the Bevin Library. You may borrow up to 10 books at any one time.

To borrow a book:

  1. Touch ‘Borrow & Account’ on the screen.
  2. Place the books that you are borrowing on the desk on top of the ‘Place items here’ sign (the machine can scan around 4-5 books in one go).
  3. Make sure all of your books have appeared on screen before removing them. The screen will show the due date for each item.
  4. Touch ‘Finish’ on the screen.

A book with a green film over the classmark is for reference only and should not be removed from the Library.

Returning books

On or before the due date please place your library books in one of the two Book Return boxes in the foyer of the Bracken Library.


Books may be reserved online.

To reserve a book:

  1. Log in to the library catalogue (if you do not know your password, enter your CRSID and click ‘forgotten password’ to reset)
  2. Search for and tick the box next to the title you want to reserve
  3. Click on the appropriate screen prompts
  4. Logout

Borrowing information

Renewing books

You may renew a loan up to 4 times. If you are in the Library and have the book with you simply borrow it again on the loan station.

Renew a book online:

  1. Log in as instructed on OPAC
  2. Select 'Current Loans' from the menu banner along the top of the screen

If you are renewing all your loans:

  1. Click the icon showing green double downward curving arrows
  2. If you are only renewing some of your loans
  3. Tick the box next to the loans you wish to renew
  4. Click the icon showing a single green downward curving arrow
  5. Logout

Overdue books

Overdue notices are sent out at regular intervals. Please respond to these notices promptly and do not hoard books you no longer need.

Vacation borrowing

Books may be borrowed for the vacation on the last Monday of Full Term. They are due for return on the first Friday of the following Full Term.