Brexit: latest information and updates

Important information for members of the University on how Brexit will affect them can now be found on a new dedicated website.

Other resources

Comb binder

There is a comb binder for binding reports and dissertations in the Library office. Binding, including combs and plastic fronts and backs, is free of charge.


The Library holds an increasing number of DVDs both as part of the World Cinema paper and purely for leisure viewing. They are kept in the Library office. To see what titles are on DVD type 'DVD' as a search term or select Advanced Search, scroll down the 'Limit by' box and select the term 'DVD'.

Engineering crib sheets

These are available in the Library office and must be individually signed out.

Examination papers

Bound volumes of past examination papers can be found in the reference section, to your right as soon as you enter the Bracken Library.


There is a colour photocopier on the Library landing.

In order to operate the photocopier you will need to obtain a code from the Librarian. Charges for copying, which will be debited directly from your College account, are:

Please read the Licensed Copying User Guidelines on the noticeboard above the photocopier before you make any copies.


The Library has a number of half-skeletons and skulls for use by medics. These are available on long-term loan from the Library office.