Funding for Clubs and Societies

Applying for CCRFC society funding

There are two separate allocation pools from which CCRFC funding is provided, the ad-hoc budget and the annual allocation budget. Ad-hoc funding is allocated during the academic year and is intended to cover unexpected expenditures which were not foreseen as part of the annual grant. Annual grants are allocated from a much larger budget and are intended to cover the expected running costs of the society for the next academic year; they are allocated at the middle of Easter term (and can be appealed shortly afterwards).

Granted allocations need to be accessed via a request to the CCRFC Treasurer, Patrick Deady.

Email CCRFC Treasurer

Annual allocation applications

Please use the form below to apply for annual allocations. All applicable sections of the form must be filled in and supplied to the CCRFC Secretary at least one week prior to the annual allocations meeting. The accompanying declaration for Senior Treasurers should be completed and returned with the form.

CCRFC Annual Application Form

A Senior Treasurer (a Fellow) is obligated to control the bookkeeping and to gather reasonable evidence that the society is open to all members of the College and that the officers are not self-appointing, but elected as stated in the constitution.

To draw down your annual allocation, the treasurer of the club must contact the  and request the funds. These will be paid into the bank account detailed on the annual application form. Unless requested otherwise, 50% of the allocation will be paid at a time.

Declaration Form for Treasurers

Ad-hoc applications

When applying for ad-hoc funding from CCRFC, please supply the following information to the CCRFC Secretary one week prior to the allocation meeting. Details of the meeting and deadlines will be circulated by email to the JCR and MCR in advance of the meeting.

  • Name of Club/Society, your name, email and signature
  • 2 price quotes (if possible), preferably one mailorder/internet quote
  • Reason for the application
  • Estimated lifetime of equipment (if applicable)

College's University Sports and Arts Representation Grant

Financial support for sporting activities outside the College clubs may also be granted via the College’s University Sports and Arts Representation Grant.


College’s University Sports and Arts Representation Grant

Maintaining club/society accounts

To obtain an annual allocation from the CCRFC you must maintain and produce annual accounts. Please read the guidance note for club treasurers and senior treasurers below.

Further Information