Postgraduate Travel Grants

Conference Grant Application / Medical Elective Grant Application

To apply fill in the application form below, which includes all the relevant instructions. You can get up to £350 per academic year for presenting your research at a conference. Medics can also apply to this fund to for assistance with their electives.

If your reason for travel is not conference-related, you may be interested in the Opportunities Fund – Churchill College (

Conference Grant application

Conference Start Date
Conference End Date
(Cheapest method of transport possible)
(You are normally expected to provide this yourself unless costs are exceptionally high)
Payment: Are you willing, if a grant is awarded, to have it credited to your College Account?
Your Supervisor will need to approve the request against a number of criteria.
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Chapel Bursaries

The Chapel Trustees have a small fund to provide for the award of a number of bursaries for undergraduates and postgraduate students of Churchill College.

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