Covid-19 Guidance

Medical advice for students, staff and Fellows of Churchill College regarding Covid-19 can be found here. This will be updated as and when necessary in line with government advice.

Due to Covid-19 there have been some changes to how the surgery works. Take a look at those changes here.

College Nurse & Surgery

The College Surgery is located in 31c, close to the Porters’ Lodge. Please email for an appointment or drop in if urgent (such as for immediate first aid). 

See the orange banner at the top of the page for our latest Covid-19 guidance.

It is open daily during the week in term-time for all students, staff, visiting fellows and conference delegates. Out of term, the surgery will be open on reduced hours.

The College Nurse is Jo Livingstone (RGN).

Opening hours


Health advice will be offered after assessment. The minor ailments and injuries which are commonly treated are headaches, eye infections, splinters, grazes, cuts, blisters, minor burns, acid reflux, sprains, strains, colds, flu, diarrhoea, sore throats, cystitis, boils and some rashes.

A small stock of 'over the counter' remedies are available, such as: painkillers, antacids, sore throat lozenges, various skin creams, antihistamines etc. Ice packs, crutches, glucogel, bandages, eye wash, plasters and dressings are also available. Please ensure you carry two adrenaline pens at all times if you have been prescribed them for severe allergies.

The nurse is also able to carry out blood pressure and temperature checks, urine analysis, weight checks, and BMI calculations. Removal of sutures and dressing changes can also be arranged. Advice will also be given on computer workstation set- up if requested.

Patients presenting with more serious problems may be directed to Accident & Emergency, a General Practitioner or the Counselling Service. Help may also be offered to arrange appointments and transport. The Nurse may also visit patients discharged from the hospital who may need short-term support.

There are various leaflets/booklets available at the surgery: insomnia, anxiety, relaxation, eating healthily etc. The nurse may refer you to other agencies: counsellor, GP, dentist, Accident & Emergency, sexual health clinic or a mental health assessor.

Please do call in if you are feeling low and/or need to talk.

Please note:

General health-related advice for students

Read the guide

Student guide to using NHS services in Cambridge

Click here to view or download the Student Guide  to NHS services in Cambridge. The guide contains useful informtion and guidance for all students on local health services including: 

Further health advice can also be found online:

NHS Guide to getting medical care as a student

Vaccine advice

Vaccine advice for newly arriving students

Meningitis signs and symptoms

Asthma advice

How to manage your asthma better

Advice for Immunocompromised

General advice for if you're immunocompromised

Any Disabilities/impairments/recurrent mental health conditions?

 Please contact the Disability Resource Centre  (DRC) on T: 01223 332301

Disability Resource Centre website

Confidentiality Statement

Information shared with the nurse is confidential. If it is in the interest of the student for information to be shared with other Health Professionals or University Staff then informed consent will normally be gained first.

Confidentiality will need to be broken if there appears to be a serious imminent risk, or if there are serious illegal activities, where there is a risk to your own or others safety. 

General Data Protection

The ‘Medical Health Form for the College Nurse’ and medical records, generated by the College Nurse, are kept securely locked in a metal filing cabinet, within a locked room, in Churchill College. The records are kept for a period of time and then destroyed in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA). Emails are password protected and are also destroyed as per regulations.

Nurse rota

Please email (emails attended in working hours only). Appointments via email, video, telephone or face to face, drop-in if necessary.

Drop in on Mondays; other days please email for appointment if possible. Please wear a mask. Please arrive 15 minutes before close.

25.08.21 WED 08.15 12.00  
26.08.21 THU 08.15 12.00  
30.08.21 MON 08.15 12.00  
01.09.21 WED 08.15 12.00  
02.09.21 THU 08.15 12.00  
20.09.21 MON 08.15 12.00  
22.09.21 WED 08.15 12.00  
23.09.21 THU 08.15 12.00  
27.09.21 MON Off Off Daily 'term' hours start
28.09.21 TUE 14.30 18.15  
29.09.21 WED 08.15 10.00 Admin only after 10.00
30.09.21 THU 16.00 18.15  
01.10.21 FRI 08.15 12.00  
04.10.21 MON 08.00 16.00 Full Time in October: 08.00-16.00 daily

General information on COVID-19 and other health issues can be found here.

Mobile for working hours only: 07780 267704: please use email, in first instance, if possible. 

Students and staff: If you suspect you have COVID-19 (Any of these symptoms: loss of taste or smell, a high temperature above 37.8 degrees centigrade, a continuous cough i.e. coughing for more than an hour or three episodes in a day, a sore throat or: nasal discharge or congestion, musicle aches, new hoarseness, new shortness of breath, a new wheeze or a positive Lateral Flow test, then self isolate and call Addenbrooke’s Occupational Health on : 01223  216767 to arrange a test (Open 08.30am -4.30pm Monday to Fri) and state that you want to be tested as part of the University testing programme: Please also inform the Porters’ Lodge immediately: 01223 336000.  If you are ill out of hours please access NHS 111 online or call NHS 111. Quick Covid (antigen) tests are now available free at chemists.

University Coronavirus guidance

Government guidance on staying away from others

Information shared with the nurse is confidential. If it is in the interest of the student for information to be shared with other Health Professionals or staff involved with welfare, consent will normally be gained first. Confidentiality will be broken if there appears to be a serious imminent risk, or if there are serious illegal activities, where there is a risk to your own or others safety. NB: The Nurse is not permitted to: sign legal documents (e.g. wills/financial documents), medical fitness forms relating to placements/jobs or write references. As COVID-19 is a reportable, highly contagious virus, staff involved with welfare and safety will be informed.

If life is at risk, such as:  heart attack, stroke, anaphylaxis, severe bleeding, or difficulty breathing: please call 999 or 112 to speak to NHS emergency services. A defibrillator is kept at the Churchill Porters’ Lodge and the Moller Institute reception. Please report any accidents/major events, on site, to the Porters’ Lodge: (01223) 336000.


Email the Nurse

Taxi policy

Frequently asked questions about NHS

Frequently asked questions about NHS care & entitlement for students Information on frequently asked questions about the Health Service in the UK. Useful numbers and resources.

Read FAQs

Please note: this is general information and liable to change, so please check rules at the point of care. Other useful numbers & resources: