Computing staff

From left: Mr David Spaxman, Dr Jon Ludlam, Mr Chris Starling, Mr Ben Smyth (former Assistant Computer Officer), Mr Giles Agnew, Mr Chris Share, Mr Karl Gross.

Dr Jon Ludlam is the Computer Systems Fellow, and he leads the College's team of Computer Officers. Mr Giles Agnew (Senior Computer Officer), Mr Chris Share (Computer Officer) and Mr Chris Starling (Computer Officer) are responsible for the administration, maintenance and development of the College's Academic and Administration computer systems and networks. Mr David Spaxman (Software Developer) is responsible for the College's in-house software.

Mr Karl Gross (Assistant Computer Officer) and Mr Jake Huggins (Assistant Computer Officer) are responsible for the support of the College's computer systems and networks, and normally run the College's Computing Support. They are located in the Computing Support Office (which is above the Porters' Lodge) and are the main point of contact for all support matters and reports of computer problems

The College ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Committee meets once a term, and discusses the development of the College computing facilities and matters of policy. The Chairman of the Committee is Mr Richard Partington, and the Committee includes representatives from the JCR (the JCR Webmaster), MCR (the MCR Webmaster) and SCR (three Fellows elected by the College Council). If you have any issues which you feel should be discussed by the Committee, please contact a Committee member.


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