What to do in the event of problems

In the event of problems with the College computing facilities, please use the following guidelines to determine how best to get the problem resolved. It greatly assists us in solving problems if you supply as much information as possible about the nature of the problem.

There are two main groups of problems; those requiring "Normal support" and those requiring "Emergency support".

Normal support:

To obtain Normal support, you should use an appropriate method from the list below.

Normal support is intended for matters such as:

We are also happy to help with other matters such sales and general computing advice.

For severe, system-wide problems you should use Emergency Support detailed below.

Emergency support:

To obtain Emergency support, either come to the Computing Support Office in person if during office hours, or otherwise contact the Porters' Lodge.

Emergency Support should only be used for severe problems such as the following:

We welcome comments and feedback about the Computing facilities provided at Churchill, and aim to improve the facilities based on this feedback.

Contact Computing Support