The ISLA Gift Cambridge at Churchill College

The ISLA Gift Cambridge at Churchill College is a new financial award designed to support and encourage students of Black Caribbean and/or Black African descent who are either pursuing undergraduate study at Churchill College College or are current offer-holders. The award was launched in partnership with alumni Imani Jeffers (U15).

Recipients will be given cash awards of up to £200 in recognition of outstanding academic achievement (GCSE or equivalent or above) or exceptional achievement in; Music, the Arts, Sports, Science and Technology outside the curriculum ie Olympiads; scientific or technological creativity or innovation, extra-curricular initiatives creating a positive social, education and community impact or other extra-curricular activities. 

To apply, please complete the short web form by clicking on the link below by Sunday 19 September 2021.

Application form

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You can find out more about Imani Jeffers (U15) and the appeal to launch this new award by reading the article below.

The ISLA Gift Cambridge