Wing Yip Scholar: Xin Zhou

Mphil Environmental Policy

Life in Churchill College and Cambridge is more marvellous than I imagined. Churchill College is just a great place for study and living. The library is within easy reach and has a great variety of books and magazines. I enjoyed sitting on the first floor and next to the window, with a good view on the outside. Canteen food was not bad, but formal halls were always good and provided a great opportunity to talk with different people and meet new friends. The super large lawn is the perfect place for an after-meal walk where I encountered ravens, rabbits and cats.

Jitao Wang Punting on the River Cam

For my study in Environmental Policy, I have developed a deep and interdisciplinary understanding of the subject from the perspectives of economics, law, politics, etc. In particular, the course kindled my interest in international law. From the standpoint of Environmental law, I also pursued into other facets including human rights law, trade law and humanitarian law. My interest also drove me to write a legal paper as my master’s dissertation, which is about the role of cities in international climate change law. This brand new academic discipline brought quite a lot of challenges for me, but it also pushed me to learn new things and keep improving myself.

Cambridge has a peaceful environment that allows me time for introspection on what I truly want to do and be in the future. The MPhil course gave me access to not only a diversity of courses but also a variety of seminars and discussions which enabled me to interact with people of different backgrounds and disciplines. This broadened my horizon and stimulated me to think about what I desire to achieve and become. The most striking and encouraging thing for me is that many of my colleagues are very dedicated to the environmental realm, just like me; and that our teachers, who are experts in environmental law/economics/politics, delivered big supports for our growth and development. I always feel enlightened and empowered and are more dedicated to this discipline as a life-long pursuit.

I’m very grateful for Mr Yip’s generosity to provide me with the scholarship. It freed me from financial worries and enabled me to concentrate on my study and enjoy my life in Cambridge. A dinner with him in January allowed me to know him more in person. He talked with me about the environmental problems in China and invited us Wing Yip scholars to pay him a visit in Birmingham. I’m really thankful that my study is funded by the kind and benign gentleman. Also, I want to express my gratitude to Dr Boping Yuan who manages the scholarship. He very cared for my study and living here, asking how’s everything going on every time we met in the College.

I really enjoyed this year at Churchill College and Cambridge. Many thanks for the Wing Yip scholarship that makes this possible and more fabulous.

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