Wing Yip Scholar: Tiantian Chen

PhD Modern Society & Global Transformations

Tiantian Chen - Wing Yip Scholar 2014

My name is Tiantian Chen. I am currently a graduate student at Cambridge, majoring in Modern Society and Global Transformations. And my research focus will be the power struggles within single-career families. Before that, I spent the first two years of college life in Peking University-School of International Relations. Then I transferred to Johns Hopkins University and studied Political Science and Gender Studies.

Having accumulated both academic study and professional exposure, I have crystallised my professional aspiration in public service, in particular, in advancing women’s rights and entitlements. After acquiring the advanced knowledge in Sociology at Cambridge, I hope to begin my career in an NGO to hone my rounded skills through substantial projects for a few years. Then, I intend to bring what I will learn back to my home country China, where women are still facing problems such as employment discrimination and domestic abuses, improving their lives by promoting policy innovation and founding an NGO.

I believe my experiences at Cambridge and Churchill College will prepare me to accomplish these goals. First, the coursework aligns perfectly with my interest. From courses such as Global Economical and Political Transformations, I have learned that the word 'rights' has everything to do with politics, and I have studied many factors that can contribute to the power structure in human rights issues. In addition, my experience as Environment Officer at Churchill and a volunteer at Streetbite have provided me with first-hand understanding of project management and social service practice. In a nutshell, my life here will be very fruitful.

—Tiantian Chen

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