Wing Yip Scholar: Xin Zhou

MPhil Technology Policy

Xin Zhou

Before my journey started here, I studied automotive engineering at Tsinghua University back in China and also took a second major in international relations. As an engineering student, I have always believed in the potential benefits that technologies can bring to the society. However, my studies of social sciences and real world experiences told me that having the most advanced technology does not mean it can be applied in the best way. For some time, I was uncertain and confused by the question of how to serve the human world to the largest extent with the help of technologies.

Luckily, I found my Masters program — Technology Policy in Cambridge, which has taught me knowledge and skills to solve the puzzle by bringing technology, business and policy together. In the past nine months, I have absorbed practical skills in negotiations and strategic valuation, systemic knowledge in economics, management, policies, and most fascinatingly, the interaction between technology, policies and business in different markets. I believe all the things I have learnt have prepared me to confront challenges in my future career.

And of course, studying is not the whole part of my life here. I enjoyed rowing on river cam in my college novice squad. I enjoyed cycling around historical Cambridge every day. I also enjoyed meeting interesting people from time to time and having nerdy talks with students from different disciplines.

Therefore, I am really grateful to Mr Yip who has sponsored my study here. His kindness and generosity has given me a unique chance to learn and pursue my goal, as well as have such a remarkable year in Cambridge. I will carry on all the support I have received from Mr. Yip, Churchill College, Judge Business School and others, and dedicate to myself to a career that can help and influence more people.  

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