Congregation dress code

Academic Dress

  1. A person who does not hold a Cambridge degree already (that is anyone about to receive a first degree or anyone whose previous degree or degrees were conferred elsewhere) must wear either an undergraduate gown, a BA status gown, or MA status gown as appropriate, and the hood of the degree, or the higher of the degrees, which he or she is to receive.
  2. A person who already holds a degree or degrees of the University wears the gown and hood of the highest degree he or she has already received from the University.
  3. In no circumstances should the academic dress of another university be worn.

Academic dress appropriate to different degrees

Undergraduate candidates:

Undergraduate gown of your college and the hood of the highest degree that you are about to receive.):

  1. Master of Law: black and light cherry silk
  2. Master of Engineering: black cloth lined with bronze silk
  3. Master of Natural Science: black silk lined with pink and light blue silk
  4. Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine: mid cherry silk and more fur
  5. Bachelor of Music: dark cherry satin and white fur
  6. Bachelor of Arts: black cloth and white fur
  7. Bachelor of Education: black cloth, blue silk and white fur
  8. Bachelor of Theology for Ministry: black cloth, black silk and white fur

Postgraduate candidates:

Either the gown and hood of your highest existing Cambridge degree or, if not already a Cambridge graduate, a BA or MA status gown and the hood of the highest degree you are about to take.

Candidates for degrees by Incorporation or the MA under Statute B.III.6 the gown and hood of the degree that you are about to receive.

Dress Code

The dress code for graduands is very strict. If graduands do not wear the prescribed dress they will be excluded from the Ceremony by the Proctors. Please follow the regulations below carefully.

General dress codes



Academic Dress Hire

Those who are hiring hoods for the degree ceremony are advised to make early arrangements with the robe-makers, as there is a very heavy demand on the three days of the General Admission. Tattered gowns may also cause their owners to be excluded from the Senate House by the Proctors. A hood can be very uncomfortable if it rests on your neck and can look untidy if it is attached to a lightweight blouse. Safety pins can help and women graduands can disguise this problem by wearing a black shirt, a black dress, a black waistcoat or black jacket, but heavy clothing is not a good idea during summer.

Cambridge academic dress hire