Student Handbooks and College Documents

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College Regulations

College Regulations

College Alcohol and Drug Policy

The College’s first priority in cases where a student has developed alcohol or drug problems is the student’s welfare, and the welfare of others in our community who might be indirectly affected by such problems. Any student experiencing difficulties with alcohol or drugs should talk to their Tutor or the College Nurse. The latter will ordinarily keep all such conversations confidential. The only exception would be if the law, especially in relation to Class A drugs, had been broken, but the College’s first priority would remain the welfare of its members.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

College Bullying and Harassment Policy

The College takes accusations of bullying and harassment very seriously. Bullying and harassment have no place in Churchill. Any student who finds themselves subject to bullying and/or harassment should please contact their Tutor, the Senior Tutor, a member of staff in the Tutorial Office, or one of the JCR or MCR Welfare Officers for advice and support. Accusations will be treated in confidence within the College’s welfare team. Action will only be taken by the College if the victim of the alleged bullying and harassment wishes this. The only exception to this would be in the unlikely scenario that the behaviour of the accused person represented a threat to the safety of other individuals.

Bullying and Harassment Policy