UK points based immigration requirements

Under the terms of the UK’s current points based immigration (PBI) legislation, overseas students who need a visa to study in the UK are required formally to register with the University and College when they arrive at the start of their course. At Churchill this registration takes place in the Tutorial Office (undergraduates) or the Postgraduate Office (postgraduates). Students must present their passport and visa for recording.

Those students who have elected to collect their BRPs from College will be contacted with details regarding collection.

Students must keep their term time address on CamSIS up to date at all times and any new visas or passports acquired during the period of study must be recorded by the relevant tutorial office. If a student fails to carry out any of his/her responsibilities, the College is required to notify the authorities. Students who fail to satisfy the requirements of the PBI legislation are at risk of deportation.

Detailed information about immigration is available at: