The Library operates a self-service automated loans system for which you will need your University card. Loan stations are situated in the foyers of the Bracken Library and the Bevin Library.

Every book or DVD taken out of the Library must be registered as a loan.

Borrowing allowance

Undergraduates may borrow up to 10 items at any one time; Advanced Students, Fellows and staff may borrow up to 20 items.

You remain responsible for the library item you have borrowed, even if you lend it to another student.

How to borrow an item:

  1. Take your item(s) to the self-service loan station in the library foyer.
  2. Touch ‘Borrow & Account’ on the screen.
  3. Place the items that you are borrowing on the desk on top of the ‘Place items here’ sign (the machine can scan around 4-5 books in one go).
  4. Make sure all of your items have appeared on screen before removing them.
  5. Touch ‘Finish’ on the screen.

Alternatively, there are paper borrowing forms available next to the self-service machines if needed for any reason – books borrowed in this way will be added to your account the next working day by Library staff.

All College Library loans will automatically renew, therefore you can keep the item for as long as you need it so long as it is not requested by another reader.

A book with a green film over the classmark on the spine is for reference use only, and should not be removed from the Library.


Click & collect:

We are now offering readers a ‘Click & collect’ service. To use this service:

  1. Look the book up on iDiscover, make sure that the book is available and not already on loan.
  2. Email the librarian with details of the book(s)  you wish to borrow. Please include a link to the iDiscover record, if possible.
  3. We will find the book(s).
  4. We will register the loan(s) in your name, leave the books in your pigeon hole and email you to tell you they are there.
  5. If the book you need is already on loan please place a request for it using iDiscover (see paragraph below ‘Requests’).


Returning items

All College Library loans will automatically renew, therefore you can keep your borrowed items for as long as you need them, unless they are requested by another reader. Loans will ultimately be due back when you graduate or leave the College.

When you have finished using an item, or if it has been requested by another user, please place it in one of the Book Return boxes in the foyer of the Bracken Library or the Bevin Library.

If you want to remove the book from your account immediately, you can return it at the self-issue machine before placing it in the Book Return box. Alternatively, just put it straight in the box, and it will be taken off your account the next working day when Library staff empty the boxes and process returns.


If you need an item that is out on loan to another library user, you can place a request through iDiscover. This feature is available during term times only. During the University vacations, if you need a book which is on loan please email and we will do our best to source another copy.

To place a request:

  1. Log in to iDiscover
  2. Search for the title you want to request, and click on the title to view the full catalogue record
  3. Click ‘Request’ next to the entry for Churchill College Library, then follow the on screen prompts.
  4. Logout of iDiscover if you are on a public computer

If someone requests a book that you have borrowed, you will receive an email notification asking you to bring it back within 3 working days (not including vacations). Please return any requested books promptly, as we reserve the right to charge the replacement cost for any item that is not returned when requested.

Email notifications

You will receive a single monthly statement showing which items you have out on loan across all University of Cambridge Libraries. If you no longer need a book, please bring it back to the library.

You will also receive an email notification if an item you have out on loan has been requested by another reader. If this happens, you will be asked to return the item within 3 working days. If you are unable to get to the library within 3 working days, please contact the library team as soon as possible.


Library loans will automatically renew throughout the vacations. During vacations it will not be possible to request books on loan to other readers.