Finding print books & journals

Finding books

Each book is given a classification number (or a “classmark”) according to its subject. This is a way to group books on similar topics together, and serves as a finding aid when you look up a book on the catalogue. Churchill College uses the Dewey classification system. The list below shows where specific subjects can be found in the Library.

Most books in Art, Literature, Classics, Biography and History (Dewey 700–999) are housed upstairs in the Bevin Library (Bevin Library floorplan).

Books in other subject areas (Dewey 000–699) are housed downstairs in the Bracken Reading Room, Bracken Reading Room Extension and Bracken Reading Room Gallery (Bracken Library floorplan). The catalogue will tell you where to find any particular book.

Search the catalogue

Guide to searching the catalogue

The end of a row of bookshelves in the College Library. The end of the shelf is labelled with the classmarks of that section.


We also offer a Click & Collect service – just email the details of the book(s) you wish to borrow, and Library staff will deliver to your pigeon hole the same or next working day.

Finding journals

Current issues of general interest journals (e.g. The Economist, Scientific American and Wired) are kept on the display shelf on the left as you enter the Bracken Library. More specialist journals are given a classmark and are shelved in classmark sequence, except for law journals and law reports. These are shelved in the Bracken Library Extension following the law book sequence. Law journals are shelved first in alphabetical sequence of title, followed by law reports in alphabetical sequence of title.

You can search for print journals on iDiscover using the filters or Advanced Search options to narrow down your search to journals.

Neither bound nor unbound issues of journals may be taken out of the Library.


Magazines and journal issues on display in the library

Subjects and Dewey Numbers

African literature896Bevin Library
American literature810-819Bevin Library
Anatomy611Bracken Library Gallery
Anthropology (Physical)573Bracken Library Gallery
Social300-319Bracken Library
Archaeology930-936Bevin Library
Architecture720-729Bevin Library
Art700-779Bevin Library
Astronomy520-529Bracken Library Gallery
Atlases091 REFBracken Library
Biology570-599Bracken Library Gallery
Biochemistry574Bracken Library Gallery
Botany580-589Bracken Library Gallery
Chemistry540-549Bracken Library Gallery
- Analytical543Bracken Library Gallery
- Inorganic546Bracken Library Gallery
- Organic547Bracken Library Gallery
- Physical541Bracken Library Gallery
Chemical engineering660-669Bracken Library Gallery
Chinese language and dictionaries495.1Bracken Library
Computer science003-006Bracken Library
Criminology364Bracken Library
Earth sciences550-559Bracken Library Gallery
Economics330-339, 380-388Bracken Library
Education370-379Bracken Library
Electrical sciences621.3Bracken Library Gallery
Engineering620-629Bracken Library Gallery
English language and dictionaries420-429Bracken Library
English literature820-829Bevin Library
French language and dictionaries440-449Bracken Library
French literature840-849Bevin Library
Genetics575Bracken Library Gallery
Geography910-919Bevin Library
German language and dictionaries430-438Bracken Library
German literature830-838Bevin Library
Greek language and dictionaries480-489Bracken Library
Greek literature880-889Bevin Library
History900-999Bevin Library
- Africa960-969Bevin Library
- America, North970-979Bevin Library
- America, South980-989Bevin Library
- Ancient930-939Bevin Library
- Asia950-959Bevin Library
- Europe940-949Bevin Library
- of science500-509Bracken Library
History of art701-709Bevin Library
Italian language and dictionaries450-458Bracken Library
Italian literature850-858Bevin Library
Land economy333Bracken Library
Languages420-499Bracken Library
Latin language and dictionaries470-479Bracken Library
Latin literature870-879Bevin Library
Law340-349Bracken Library Extension
Linguistics400-419Bracken Library
Management studies650-659Bracken Library Gallery
Mathematics510-519Bracken Library Gallery
Medicine600-619Bracken Library Gallery
Metallurgy669Bracken Library Gallery
Modern languages400-469, 490-499Bracken Library
Modern literature810-869, 890-899Bevin Library
Music780-789Bevin Library
Painting750-759Bevin Library
Palaeontology560-569Bracken Library Gallery
Pathology616Bracken Library Gallery
Pharmacology615Bracken Library Gallery
Philosophy100-199Bracken Library
Physics530-539Bracken Library Gallery
Physiology612Bracken Library Gallery
Political science320-329Bracken Library
Production engineering670-689Bracken Library Gallery
Psychology (Clinical)616.85-616.89Bracken Library Gallery
- (Experimental)150-159Bracken Library
- (Social)302Bracken Library
Public administration350-359Bracken Library
Russian language and dictionaries491.7Bracken Library
Russian literature891.7Bevin Library
Sculpture730-739Bevin Library
Spanish language and dictionaries460-469Bracken Library
Spanish literature860-869Bevin Library
Sociology300-319Bracken Library
Theology200-299Bracken Library
Veterinary medicine636Bracken Library Gallery
Zoology590-599Bracken Library Gallery