New books & recommend a book

We want the College Library collection to be as useful to you as possible!

If you would like to recommend a print book that we do not currently stock, or if you feel we do not have enough copies of a title (particularly for Part I), please fill in our online College Library book recommendation form. Feel free to also recommend DVDs, equipment, and any other resources that would be helpful for your studies.

Paper copies of the book recommendation form can also be found beside the loan stations in the College Library. Alternatively, email the library team to let us know the book’s details.

Ebooks are purchased centrally, rather than by individual College libraries. If you would like to recommend an ebook, or if you have any other purchase recommendations for the University Library, Faculty or Department libraries, please use the central book recommendation form.  Requests via the central form will also be copied to the College Library, however if you would specifically like a copy at Churchill then it’s best to contact us directly (either through the College Library book recommendation form or by email) so we can respond as promptly as possible.

A selection of the most recent additions to the College Library collection can be browsed on the library catalogue, iDiscover.