Library rules

Information on the College Library’s general rules – we thank you for following these, as they help us to keep the library a pleasant, comfortable and safe space for all College members.

Food and drink

Food may not be taken into the reading rooms.

Drinks are welcome in the library so long as they are in sealable containers, which must be kept sealed when not in use and taken away with you when you leave the Library.

Please be considerate to Housekeeping staff and to other library users and do not leave rubbish behind.

Lost property, “please leave” slips, and Easter Term rules

Please be considerate of other library users, and take your belongings with you when leaving the library for more than a short break.

Lost property boxes are located outside each of the Bracken and Bevin reading rooms.

For most of the year, white “please leave” slips will be available in plastic containers on library desks. Books and files with a completed “please leave” slip left in a tidy pile at the side of the desk (so someone else could use the space) will not be removed for three days.

During Easter Term (the busiest time of year in the College Library), the white “please leave” slips will not be available, and all belongings must be removed when leaving the library for more than a short break. The Librarian will email all students at the start of Easter Term each year, with a reminder of this policy.

Smoking and vaping

Neither smoking nor the use of electronic cigarettes or vapour devices is permitted anywhere in the Library building.


Mobile phones

Mobile phones should be turned off or switched to silent before being taken into either of the Reading Rooms.


Laptops may be used in the Reading Rooms.

Those wishing to use a laptop must comply with the following conditions:

  • If you intend to connect your laptop to the mains supply a valid safety test sticker must be clearly visible on your computer.
  • Please contact the College Maintenance Department to have your computer tested if this has not already been done.
  • Once tested, your laptop will be deemed safe to use for one year, after which time it must be tested again.
  • If your laptop is connected to the mains supply you must make sure that the cable is adequately protected to prevent other readers from tripping over it.

You can send print jobs from your laptop to any of the College printers.

Printing in College