MPhil Master's study at Cambridge


MPhil Master’s Study at Churchill

MPhil Master’s study at Cambridge provides the opportunity to develop personal interests and passions, to enhance individual skills and professional standing, and can be a gateway to doctoral or other academic pathways. People apply for Master’s study as a way to advance their careers or wider potential, or to change direction, and a Cambridge Master’s is a powerful way to distinguish yourself from your peers with a globally recognized postgraduate qualification from an institution with the highest levels of international excellence.

We welcome applications from students who can contribute to a friendly, mixed community of creative and thoughtful scholars with the capacity for positive impact. There is guidance on applying on the application process page.

You can find out more about applying for postgraduate study on the main College postgraduate admissions pages and learn about the College as a home for postgraduates here.

There are several forms of MPhil Master’s study at Cambridge in hundreds of subject areas, most of which are available as a one-year full-time course, and some can be taken with a two-year part-time study pattern. MPhil degrees are either by Advanced Study, which includes a taught element, or by Thesis, which is a research-only programme examined by dissertation. The University’s course directory lists all available degrees and subjects.

The MRes (Master of Research) degree is preparatory to potential PhD Doctoral study in a specific area. It offers a mixed programme of projects, seminars, lectures and training with a view to starting Doctoral study after one year.

In addition to the MPhil and the MRes, the University offers a wide range of Master’s courses in distinct subject areas, for example the MBA (Master of Business Administration), MFin (Master of Finance), LLM (Master of Law), alongside a range of other subjects. These include the MASt (Master of Advanced Study) which is equivalent to a further year of Undergraduate study having met the Bachelor’s requirement or equivalent, and the MSt (Master of Studies) which is normally completed part-time and often oriented to professional and academic attainment for career progression, diversification and personal development.

Every programme of study can have it’s ups and downs, to help every student have the opportunity to perform at their best each MPhil and Master’s student is assigned an individual tutor, an experienced Cambridge academic and senior member of the College, who can provide guidance and support, and every student has access to excellent wellbeing help and provision alongside the full range of facilities of the College and the wider University.


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MPhil Masters study at Cambridge