Postgraduate funding opportunities at Cambridge University

Funding and Studentships

Postgraduate applicants to Churchill College are able to apply for a range of postgraduate funding opportunities through the College directly and in collaboration with the University of Cambridge.

Each year, we expect to offer a number of funded PhD and Master’s studentships across subject areas and disciplines. In addition, a significant number of students achieve funding from national and international research bodies and other sources.

You can find out more about the studentships we offer on the College’s financial support pages and on the University’s funding portal.


Travel and other funds

The College recognizes the importance of engaging with wider communities of students and scholars in  your field; in addition to the studentships we offer, all postgraduate students are eligible to apply for financial support to travel to conferences where they are presenting their work. Presently, postgraduate members of the College can apply to receive up to £350 each academic year for this purpose.

In addition, we have postgraduate funding opportunities for those who need help to fund sports at University or national level. We also provide music bursaries of up to £250 to pursue private instrumental or vocal lessons and for costs associated with practising and performing. The College can provide half the cost of fees for a course at the University Language Centre under the Cambridge University Languages Programme (CULP).


Emergency support

Prior to starting their course, all postgraduate students are expected to have arranged sufficient funding for the duration of their studies. This is part of the financial condition for entry that is set by the University. However, if a student encounters unforeseen financial difficulties, they can apply for additional support or an emergency loan. Students may also be eligible to apply to the central University for support in these circumstances.


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