Virtual Freshers’ Pack for Postgraduate Students

This page is for postgraduate students with confirmed offers.

It will serve as your virtual freshers pack. Please work through this page methodically, ensuring you read everything carefully and paying close attention to any deadlines.

Items which are particularly important or where there is a form you must fill out will be marked with a (*).

You should check this page regularly and frequently as we will continue to add further new information.

You might find it useful to download a checklist of the relevant deadlines, to help you keep track.

Postgraduate Freshers’ Checklist

Feel free to contact Rebecca, the Postgraduate Administrator, with any concerns or questions.

Email Rebecca

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Freshers' Pack Contents: Compulsory Material

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Student Handbooks

A copy of the Postgraduate Student Handbook, 'Pink Book'. Read the Postgraduate Student Handbook*

Accommodation Handbook and inventory form

The Accommodation Handbook and room inventory form to complete on your arrival Read the Accommodation Handbook*

Electrical Safety Inspections

A free visual electrical safety inspection on all portable electrical appliances and plug adaptors that you bring to use at College. All students must attend their… View safety information*

Confirm your details

Confirm your addresses and contact details with us Fill in form*

GP Registration and Medical Forms

Information on how to register with a GP. You must register as soon as you arrive. Complete our College Nurse's form, telling us about your health… GP Registration and medical forms*

Safety Presentations

Safety Presentations*

Computing Support

An overview of computing facilities at Churchill, including how to set up your Raven account and connect to our WiFi. See Computing info

UIS Help and Support*

Information from the University Information Services on Getting Started with IT @ Cambridge, and an overview of Student IT Services. See UIS information

Postgraduate Freshers' Diary of Events: Michaelmas 2023

A diary of events for the postgraduate freshers' week 2023.  Diary of Events for Postgraduate Freshers October 2023

Reference Consent Form

It may be helpful to you for the College to provide references for you after you graduate; to secure accommodation or employment. We need your consent… Fill in form*

Safety Presentations

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Student organised material

The MCR is the postgraduate student association of Churchill College and supports the interests of Churchill College’s Advanced students. All postgraduate students are part of the MCR. MCR stands for Middle Common Room and is the name of both the Committee and the rooms in which they meet. The MCR Committee are in charge of organising and administrating most of the MCR’s activities.

The MCR committee is elected annually and is made up of 20 officers, each with specific roles. The Committee plans Freshers’ Week, Guest Nights, the Christmas Party, and other social events.  The Committee meets once a fortnight during term. Open meetings are held at least once a term and all Churchill College postgraduates are welcome to attend.