Diary of Events for Postgraduate Freshers

Please put these dates in your diary:


Saturday 7th October

There will be a photographer taking a group photo of all new 2023 postgraduate students.  Even if you are not interested in having the photo yourself, please do come along, as it is important for College records!  Please meet on the steps by the Porters’ Lodge at 2:15 pm

There will then be Welcome Talks in Wolfson Hall so you can meet various Heads of Department and find out more about the College. This will be followed by an opportunity for you to meet our tutors, and other new students, and have refreshments in the Buttery and gardens.


Sunday 8th October

Free Trip to Chartwell House in Kent

Chartwell was the Churchill family home from 1922. The rooms remain much as they were when they lived there, with pictures, books and personal mementoes evoking the career and wide-ranging interests of a statesman, writer, painter and family man. The hillside gardens reflect Sir Winston’s love of the landscape and nature. They include the lakes he created, the kitchen garden and the Marycot, a playhouse designed for his youngest daughter Mary.

Sign up is available on Moodle. We will meet on the Porters’ Lodge steps at 9:15 am



Registering with the University will be done on line and information about how to do so will be sent to you via email to your @cam email address.


Wednesday 11th October 

To welcome you to Churchill College, you are invited to the Matriculation Dinner on the evening of Wednesday 12th October.  To attend, RSVP via our Moodle site.   The deadline to sign up is the 1st October


Visas and ID checks 

For students on student visas who have elected to have their BRP sent to the University, please await an email from the Postgraduate Office asking you to come, bringing your passport, and to collect the card from the office.

For students on visas who have picked up their BRP from the Post Office, please bring your passport and BRP along to the Postgraduate Office at your earliest convenience after your arrival.

For students not on visas, please bring your passport (or ID if you do not have a passport) to the Postgraduate office as soon as you are able.



If you require a letter from College to open a bank account, please email postgrad@chu.cam.ac.uk with the following details:

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • Home address
  • Name of bank you with which you would like to open an account
  • Whether you require a PDF or a hard copy (we will put hardcopies in your pigeonhole for collection)