Raghabendra Kc - MPhil, Management Science & Operations

Raghabendra Kc standing outside Churchill accommodation courts smiling at the camera in a black t-shirt with a Churchill College crest

Why Churchill?

I chose Churchill because one of a Churchill alumnus, who is now a professor at my undergraduate institution in Florida, highly recommended the College to me. I didn't ask him why. I trusted him and blindly put Churchill as my first option. I now know why. Churchill is not just a college, its an international community. Just at the MCR common room alone, I believe I have met people from almost three dozen nations and these people are some of my closest friends.


This camaraderie and the family-feel is something not a lot of colleges can provide. With a strong MCR committee, us Churchillians are able to thrive academically, socially and culturally. I am extremely happy and proud to be a member of this College and would wholeheartedly recommend Churchill to anyone looking to get a complete Cambridge experience.

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