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Wei Liu – PhD, Design Management

Wei Liu standing outside holding a flower

The Boston ivy on the wall of the Churchill squash court puts forth new leaves again. Every year when I observe the colour of those leaves, from red to red, I know another year comes to a close and my sorrow at leaving the campus grows.

Choosing Churchill College seems like my destiny. When I was a small girl, I read an article about Winston Churchill and his saying: if something doesn't work at first, you must try, try again, which greatly encouraged me in my life. Coincidently, I found that we share the same birthday, 30th November. I imagined, unreasonably, that I may have some commonality with this great former UK Prime Minister, such as ‘conservation of energy’ - never stand up when you can sit down. However, this irrational thinking led to one of the most successful choices in my life.

College life

Living at Churchill is splendid. With the largest college grounds in Cambridge, you may always feel the peace and harmony brought by well-planned facilities and the delicate gardening. Whenever you are upset with your research, you can find a place to relax. No matter whether you are talking at the college bar, playing piano at the music centre, participating in the college communities, or even just walking on the college grounds with wild rabbits and squirrels, you notice your disappointment fade away.

Studying at Cambridge

Studying at Cambridge is difficult, as you have to compete with the genius students from all over the world. Fortunately, you may always find an appropriate training programme for enhancing yourself, such as a language class, report-writing class and entrepreneur training workshop. The libraries provide you with millions of books and countless on-line materials for acquiring the knowledge and securing a solid foundation for brilliant research. The peaceful environment offers the students enough space and time to think of the nature of their research.

At Cambridge, I have experienced some significant changes to myself: The doctoral program improves my research capabilities with systematic thinking and approaches. The diversified student activities enhance my communication skills with international people, all colouring the campus life. The challenges of leading a team organising the PhD conference and student activities within the department encourage international leadership. I have become more confident in myself. In addition, my mother was extremely surprised by my advanced cooking skills! Thanks to the great cooking facilities at the College, I have armed myself with the one of the most important living skills for the rest of my life.

Time goes quickly. I still remember the first day when I arrived at the Churchill College, with a respectful and grateful heart. I am not sure how I will feel when I leave the campus in two years’ time, however, I am entirely sure that it is, ever, my loving home, for the rest of my life.

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