72 Storey's Way

A path down the garden from the private road through the College grounds takes you to this large house, which has a suite of rooms adapted for use by a wheelchair-bound student.

It also has its own laundry room and large kitchen with space to eat together. There are 14 student rooms in total. Bath facilities are shared other than in the disabled access bedroom. All the other bedrooms except one have a washbasin in them and there are 3 shower rooms and 1 room with a bath in it and there are 3 separate WCs.

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Room details

Room no.FacingArea
(Sq m)
BasinShowerAdditional infoWeekly rent
S01 N 15.36 Yes No Private entrance £141
S02 S 18.04 Yes No Private entrance £141
S03 S & W 15.6   Yes Wheelchair accessible, private door £165
S04 S 22 Yes No   £141
S05 S 16.8 Yes No   £141
S06 S & W 15.84 Yes No   £141
S07 N 7.75 No No  Emergency Room £80
S08 N & S 24.57 Yes No   £165
S09 S 14 Yes No   £120
S10 S 15.2 Yes No  Double bed £120
S11 S 12.8 Yes No  Double bed £120
S12 S & E 18 Yes No   £141
S13 W 11.4 Yes No   £105
S14   7.04 Yes No   £80