76 Storey's Way

An imposing house, by the entrance to the College site, 76 Storeys Way houses 11 postgraduate students.

There are two kitchens one of which is large enough to have two tables. There is one Fellow's teaching room on the ground floor. There are three shared bathrooms (with showers over the bath) and one shower room. The house is famous as the place where the philosopher Wittgenstein ended his days. There is a herb garden and also the visual arts studio in the grounds.

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Room details

Room no.FacingArea
(Sq m)
BasinShowerAdditional infoWeekly rent
V01 N & E 9 No No Bath & Private entrance £141
V02 E 18.86 No No   £141
V03 E 17.64 No No   £141
V04 E 17.64 No No   £141
V05 E 17.86 No No   £141
V06 N & E 13.16 Yes No   £141
V07 E 9.1 No No   £105
V08 E 8.7 No No   £105
V09 S & E 14.57 No No   £141
V10 E 14.57 No No   £141
V11 W 14.57 No No   £141