Hawthorne House

Hawthorne House (40C – staircase 61) has its kitchen/sitting room on the middle floor.

Our most recent postgraduate housing was built in 2000–01 and was designed by a former Churchill College student. There are three houses each with 10 ensuite bedrooms, a laundry room and a large kitchen/sitting room. The houses are located next to Whittingehame Lodge, the Wolfson Flats and 36a and b Storey's Way and set in an area of cherry trees. Most of the rooms have windows on two walls and vary in shape. All have fitted wardrobes and a shower/WC room.

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Room details

Room no.FacingArea
(Sq m)
Additional infoWeekly rent
61A N & E 16.96 No Yes   £165
61B N & W 16.96 No Yes   £165
61C N & E 16.96 No Yes   £165
61D N & W 15.81 No Yes  Double bed £165
61E S & W 12.21 No Yes   £165
61F S & E 15.12 No Yes   £165
61G N & W 19.95 No Yes   £165
61H N & E 22.8 No Yes Double bed £180
61J S & E 22.68 No Yes   £165
61K S & W 13.92 No Yes   £165