Whittingehame Lodge

*Please note that due to refurbishment this property will not be available for 2019/20.*

An imposing 'arts and crafts house' built a hundred years ago and set in a group of other graduate hostels at the west end of the site.

There are 13 rooms in the main house over three floors, with a laundry area, large kitchen and sitting room for residents, opening onto the garden. There are no ensuite rooms but all except those on the top floor have washbasins in the bedroom. There are 3 shower rooms and 3 bath rooms and 2 separate WC's.

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Room no.FacingArea
(Sq m)
BasinShowerAdditional infoWeekly rent
W01 S 9.1 Yes No   £106
W02 S 10.14 Yes No   £106
W03 S 16.8 Yes No   £118
W04 N 20.16 Yes No   £134
W05 N 13.02 Yes No   £115
W06 N 15.9 Yes No L shape £116
W07 N 18.56 Yes No 2 Rooms. Double bed £134
W08 S & E 9.82 Yes No   £107
W09 S & W 23.4 Yes No  Double bed £134
W10 S & N 20.52 Yes No   £134
W11 N 12.5 No No   £116
W12 E 14.5 No No   £118
W13 W 9.5 No No   £107
WC1 S 11.55 Yes No   £107
WC2 S 9.9 Yes No   £107
WC3 N 9.72 Yes No   £107