Boyd House and Flats

Please note that the rooms in Boyd House, Wallace House and 36c are very similar. Photographs are intended as a guide; the smaller kitchen in the second photo of the reel above is part of a studio flat.


Room details

Room no.Bed typeWeekly Rent 2023/24
CW11queen bed£209
CW12queen bed£209
CW13queen bed£209
CW14queen bed£209
CW15queen bed£209
CW21queen bed£209
CW22queen bed£209
CW23queen bed£209
CW24queen bed£209
CW25queen bed£209
CW01 studio flatqueen bed£232
CW02 studio flatqueen bed£232
CW03 studio flatqueen bed£232
CW04 studio flatqueen bed£232