Main buildings

Up to 28 rooms are available with shared bathrooms and snack kitchens, arranged on staircases of postgraduate students of between 6 and 15 rooms.

Each room includes a washbasin. Usually there is one bath or shower room to four rooms and a snack kitchen between eight rooms. Most of the staircase rooms house the 400 undergraduates and 20 single Fellows. Staircase 49, which has been completely refurbished has two large kitchens with living space and a shower room for every three occupants.


Room details and 2023/24 weekly rents

Room no.Area (Sq m)BasinPrivate showerAdditional infoWeekly rent 2023/24
34C15YesNoQueen single£164
34D15YesNoQueen single£164
34E15YesNoDouble bed£164
34F15YesNoQueen single£164
34G15YesNoQueen single£164
3A15YesNoQueen single£164
3B15YesNoQueen single£164
3C15YesNoQueen single£164
3D15YesNoQueen single£164
3E15YesNoQueen single£164
3F15YesNoQueen single£164
3G15YesNoQueen single£164
49B17.8YesYesshower and queen single£196
49C13.55Yes NoQueen single£147
49D13.6YesNo Queen single£147
49E16.2YesNo Queen single£147
49F13.55YesNo Queen single£164
49H11.26YesNo Queen single£147
49J13.52YesNoQueen single£164
49K16.82YesNoQueen single£164
49L11.26YesNoQueen single£147
49M13.58YesNoQueen single£164
49N13.45YesNoQueen single£164
49Q10.88YesNoQueen single£147
49R16.64YesNoQueen single£164
49S13.9YesNoQueen single£164
49T11.21YesNoQueen single£147
49U13.73YesNoQueen single£164