Sheppard Flats

Located opposite the Wolfson Flats and next to the playing fields, we have four of these flats which have been put aside for postgraduate students to share.

These are very large spacious flats, housing three students each, with a generous sitting room and kitchen and private external terraces. Heating from central boilers is included in the rent.

The Sheppard flats were the first building designed by Richard Sheppard for the founding of the College and were built in 1961. They are usually occupied by Fellows and visiting academics. They are very light, warm and comfortable.


Room details

Room no.FacingArea (m²)BasinPrivate ShowerAdditional infoWeekly rent 2023/24
F19AW & E16.25No NoDouble bed£196
F19CN & W11.05No No£147
F1AS15No No£164
F1BS15No No£164
F1CS14Yes No£164
F2AW16.25No NoDouble bed£196
F2BSE12.3No No£164
F2CSE11.05No No£147
F7A16.25No NoDouble bed£196
F7B12.3No No£164
F7C11.05No No£147