Partners and families

With its unique level of provision among the Cambridge Colleges of accommodation for students with partners and families since the early days of the College, Churchill is particularly welcoming to this group.

With 20 maisonettes for families and 20 flats for students with a partner, the Wolfson flats provide an international community for partners as well as students. The flats surround their own garden/playground and there is also a laundry and community room.

The College has now also built an additional five purpose-built rooms for postgraduate couples adjacent to the main site.

"Being a mature PhD student with two small children in a foreigner country with a different language, has been a challenge for me and my family. Since we arrived to this college, we have found support from our neighbours (now our friends), the MCR (who have organised activities for kids), Rebecca (who is always there to help) and our Study Skills Tutor (Dr. Eric Brewster).

I have always thought that I made the right choice when applying for this college, and my experience supports that decision."

— Elizabeth Wagemann, PhD student, Wolfson flats

Our tutors for postgraduates are familiar with the particular needs of students with partners and families. Students can request a college card for their partner, on their college account, which will give the partner access to many college facilities when they are on their own. Children are welcome in the dining hall at self-service meals and the College will help provide facilities for family events. The MCR also has a Families Officer on its committee.

"If you plan on coming to Cambridge with a partner and/or a family, Churchill is the right place for you.  Being surrounded by like-minded people who have kids and can relate to your concerns as a young academic balancing research and family life goes a long way.  Plus by the time you are through your tenure in Cambridge, you child will have been surrounded by peers from virtually every corner of the world and you are in the position to plan intercontinental play dates with the friends you made there."

— Roman Sidortsov, PhD student, Wolfson flats

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