Accommodation charges


College rent covers central heating and internet access in your room. Rents are determined annually, in agreement with student representatives. Each room is priced individually and range from £90 to £175 a week.

Payment is normally made for a minimum of 10 weeks, which covers the periods of residence dates set by the College. On accepting a college room you will be liable for rent for the whole academic year. This does not include vacation periods, which are outside of the College's periods of residence.

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Rent during vacation periods

During the Christmas and Easter vacations, and subject to the availability of accommodation, the normal room rent will apply for whatever room you are occupying. During the summer vacation, the rent will be charged at £98 per week pro-rata for standard rooms, including electricity.

The minimum rental period out of term is a week and students may not be able to remain in the same room as during term time.

Additional charges

Other charges billed termly include:

Every two weeks during term you will also be sent an email with your breakdown of actual meal charges to date, so you can keep track of your spending. The University has a useful guide on estimated living costs in Cambridge.

University guide to living costs in Cambridge

Advance deposit

Every student at Churchill College is required to pay an advance deposit of £1500 (approximately one term’s College charges), upon arrival. In return students get a term and a half’s credit.