Partner’s Access Card Application

Apply for an access card for your partner

Apply for a Access card for your partner, using the form below (keep scrolling). This will allow them to use card-operated doors in college, and to make purchases from the dining hall, buttery and Porters’ Lodge on your college account.

Please note: this form is for ‘official’ partners, i.e. those that are dependents and/or have been declared to Student Registry.

If you’re unsure about the status of your partner, please contact Rebecca, the postgraduate administrator.

Email Rebecca

Terms and conditions

By selecting ‘Yes’ to agree to the Terms and Conditions in the form below, you are accepting that:

  • I will be liable for any charges incurred by my named partner in Churchill College and that they will be charged directly to my college account.
  • The card may be used only by my named partner and will be returned to the Student Finance Office if and when they or I leave Churchill College.
  • I will advise the Student Finance Office if my named partner ceases to be my partner or leaves Cambridge.
  • I undertake that the card holder will abide by the University and Churchill College regulations governing the use of the University Card.
  • I understand that the card holder will be able to use the College library, but not to borrow books from it.
  • I accept the charge of £5 for the card and understand that on return of the card to the finance office this deposit will be refunded.

Apply for an Access Card for your Partner

Price: £ 1.00